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Hit By Storm

They hit the Japanese market by storm and became one of the biggest clothing brands in Japanese fashion, and they are a true testament that Asia is a place that can be now known as the Wild West where anything can be possible and a lot of money is there for the taking because simply there are a lot of people and eyeballs that want to wear Western products and be cool on a level that’s cool in the USA and other countries across the world.

Business today for Prada is as you would guess very well and they are now one of the powerhouse fashion designers known throughout the world and have a great reputation across the entire fashion world, even amongst some of the biggest players. Today a lot of Prada focuses on are their runway shows that have introduced the world to some of the biggest names in modeling and even acting, but as Prada’s advertisement campaigns got bigger and bigger over the years, so did the clout they could pull in the people they put in their ads, and that lead to some really cool collaboration.

Another really cool product that is now one of Prada’s hot tickets in terms of their products that are selling like wildfire all over the globe are Prada’s watches. They started their watch production in the year 2007, but then they stopped making watches only five years later in 2012. Now, with a lot of demand and the supply of these watches rather low, Prada has been able to set a premium price on their watches and make a bunch of money.

Of course everyone knows that Prada has gotten a lot of recognition throughout the world and in popular culture, just think of the Meryl Streep movie The Devil Wears Prada. The fact that that movie had the word Prada in the title was huge for the business and it opened it up for even more opportunity and marketing that the company could have never dreamed of achieving, even if they actually made a deal with the devil.
But the point of the matter is that Prada is a staple in the fashion industry and they aren’t going anywhere for quite a long time, and that’s a good thing for anyone who likes and enjoys fashion, because this business changed the game and then revolutionized it to their likings that also coincided with the likeness of the average working person who is just trying to get some nice things with their normal salary, and they did that. They made being fashionable affordable, and that is enough said really for how they changed the fashion world. Through creativity and innovation they made sure that they were going to be different from their competitors and they did so in the greatest most fashionable way throughout the years that they possible could. So thanks for the read! By doing so they rose to the occasion. And they have never looked back, and you can tell by where they are today.

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Once the 1990s came around Prada really started to blow up and became the elite status that it is today throughout the fashion world on so many different ways, but really it was when the 90s got them going they started becoming a company with over 30 millions dollars worth of sales per year, which is pretty steady especially when your clientele is only really rich people who like to spend a lot but there aren’t a lot of them so you have to really reel them in and get them to spend a lot when they come into your store, so it is a rather difficult business no matter how good the products are on the shelves.

One thing that Prada did really well in the 1990s that helped them explode off the charts was that they continued to appeal to people who weren’t extremely rich and wanted to expand their demographic beyond the elite upper class to the working, middle class people where there was more of a likelihood of finding customers willing to buy products. Because they went through a “working class” themed fashion line they started to get a lot of praise from big fashion magazines and all types of media who wanted to write stories about how innovative they were in the fashion industry. Other businesses Prada was competing with refused to lower their prices and try to appeal to more people because they saw it as a sort of detriment to their integrity as a luxury apparel line, but Prada only saw this type of stubbornness from their competitors as an opportunity for them to pounce on a market that was growing more and more throughout the 90s as the world economy was coming to an all time high and more and more people in the middle class across America and the Western world were starting to make some serious money and enter into the type of class that can afford fashionable products like those from Prada and other luxury brands. Part of what made Prada so successful during this time period has to be partly attributed to the overall growth in the economy and the rise in GDP per capita throughout the USA  because it meant that more people now were a part of their luxury demographic, and of course when people start to earn more money than they’ve ever had they start to spend it on things they’ve always wanted, and a lot of times those small concessions end up being something like a Prada purse or jacket that they’ve seen so often on their walk to work at their deadbeat office job that all of a sudden has them thinking about shopping at the big boy stores.

Also another big thing that changed Prada forever during the mid 1990s was that they launched a Men’s clothing line that also appealed to middle class men, and they started to see that as they garnered up more and more clothing lines and apparel products, the more clothing sales accounted for their overall sales accounting percentage. In 1994 clothing sales were around 20% of Prada’s overall margins, and for them that was something that was really huge, but not as huge as winning ‘designer of the year’ award in 1995. By 1996 Prada had 40 worldwide locations, but what was so cool about Prada and their locations were that 20 of their locations were solely in Japan.

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Success Story of Prada

That’s part of what makes the success story of Prada so special not only just for women’s rights but for the evolution of the entire fashion industry, because let’s be honest, once Prada started being run by women almost all of the other fashion lines around the world started hiring more and more women in prominent positions getting the most out of them in a creative sense and that ultimately lead to the general public of women loving Prada’s products.


In 1987 Miuccia got married, and this was definitely a huge deal because that brought another outsider from outside the Prada family line into the business, and so that also made a difference with business decisions and the happiness of Miuccia, even though she was about to have a bunch of kids and have a family essentially displacing her from all the action of the Prada headquarters.


In 1989 Prada launched a ready-to-wear collection that actually became one of their biggest commercial hits in terms of an entire fashion line, and it was best known for things like narrow belts that were obviously really goofy looking but were huge in the strange years of the 80’s, as well as the dropped waistlines that you see a lot in old 80s shows and other really weird throwback videos and photographs.


One thing that started to get in the way of Prada’s business and their entire prestige as a business was their lack of a really recognizable logo as compared to some of their competitors like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, but this in a way helped them be able to brand themselves as being different from their competition. Let’s be honest and say that a lot of people who spend this kind of money on purses and leather bags in general have a ton of money and are most likely really snobby, but with the lack of a really recognizable Prada logo, Prada was actually able to start marketing themselves as the luxury bag brand that was against the status quo and not as snobby as those other brands, and this helped a lot because even snobs don’t want to come across as a snob, so if a certain brand gives that vibe they might avoid it but still want something of the same quality, which is exactly where Prada fit in perfectly in the women’s fashion consumerist trends. Women didn’t want to be snobby and get a really nice Louis Vuitton bag, but getting a Prada bag was just as nice and prestigious without all the glamour and the glitz, but still a lot of glamour and some glitz. If you are wearing Prada then you should use Luxury Car Service in Burbank. There cars are as nice as a Prada Bag.



Founded by designer brothers

Prada was founded by brother designers Mario and Martino Prada way back in 1913 in Milan, Italy where the two brothers worked in a fine leather shop that was called Fratelli Prada, which in English translates to Prada Brothers. At first the Prada brothers were actually pretty misogynistic, and they didn’t believe in the fact that women should be a part of the family business.

Of course this was way back a long time ago even before women were allowed to vote in the United States, so you can necessarily get mad at Prada for having that kind of standpoint way back when, and what is funny about the whole idea that they didn’t want women to work with them is that when it was time for Mario to pass down the business to his son, he didn’t want to have any part of it, so it was actually Mario Prada’s daughter named Luisa who took over the family business and then ran the business for over twenty years in Milan, which like I just said for that time was a very big deal, especially with a woman at the helm being the boss. After Luisa the company was then run by another woman with her daughter Miuccia taking over the company from her mother in 1978.


It’s such a great family story as to how Prada got itself started in Italy from just a couple of brothers who had a passion for making fine leather goods, and it really continued to boom once Miuccia took over and got things started on a whole different level. When she inherited the company, Prada was still making a very modest amount of money in which the sales of the entire company was around four hundred and fifty thousand American dollars, which as we know today is just chump change as to where Prada was heading towards.


What made the big difference with Prada really came when Miuccia started to utilize her creativity with the designs of her bags and backpacks, and at first it may not have taken off because of the lack of infrastructure that Prada had for advertising and marketing, but once she got her big break in 1979 through her first set of backpacks and totes it was all of a sudden a huge commercial success and Prada had made it over the hump into a very successful clothing company not only in Europe but in the much coveted American marketplace.


In 1983 Prada opened their doors up in a store right in the heart of the Milan fashion world so that all of Europe had a shot to see the family’s name, and it worked out tremendously for them. It wasn’t much longer until they had another big release with a nylon tote that ended up creating so much money for them that they were able to open up many more locations in huge international shopping areas including New York City, Paris, Florence and other areas around Europe and the United States.
It was a sharp rise to fame for the Prada family, but it came through the women who invoked their creativity and made some cool clothing that the family business would have otherwise never created.


Clothing Brand Prada

There have been a lot of great luxury clothing brands that have come around the fashion world throughout the years, and while some of have died out slowly and not done much to change the landscape of how we view clothes and the world in general. But there have been very few companies and fashion designers like Dolce And Cabana, Gucci, Burberry, GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch and other fashionable clothing lines that have made a ton of money for the stores and as great stocks in the stock market which have made a lot of different people around the world a ton of money through mutual sharing and other forms of stock trading.

There’s no doubt about it that we currently live in a Selfie Culture in which people have become more and more absorbed with themselves and their appearances, simply because a lot of people are simply taking pictures of themselves on a daily basis and sharing those pictures directly with all of their friends through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and Vine and a whole bunch of other platforms that people are constantly sharing pictures of themselves to.

Having said that we currently are living within this Selfie Culture it’s never been more important for people to stay fashionable and be up on the latest brands and being ready to take their next selfie wearing great clothes and overall looking good and feeling good about themselves. There are very few luxury clothing brands that haven’t accepted this rising culture for what it is and they have all made a ton of money in the process, and one of these luxury clothing brands that has done the very best out of them all through the emergence of this selfie culture has been the clothing brand Prada, and this article is going to dive deep into the confines and products that Prada offers and how exactly it can benefit those who have been a big part of our new social media, self-indulged, absorption of culture we currently live in.

So what’s so special about Prada anyways? What makes Prada any different than all of the other pretentiously expensive clothing brands that you see all around the luxury style shopping malls and the all the luxury stores that wind up and down Rodeo Drive? At first glance you might just clump Prada in with all of the Gucci and Burberries of the fashion world, but in reality Prada is a very unique clothing line that has a rich history and a great team motto that has gotten them to the pinnacle of the fashion world.

In order to find out more as to just how Prada got to where they are today it’s important to know their history and how they got started from very humble beginnings.