Hit By Storm

They hit the Japanese market by storm and became one of the biggest clothing brands in Japanese fashion, and they are a true testament that Asia is a place that can be now known as the Wild West where anything can be possible and a lot of money is there for the taking because simply there are a lot of people and eyeballs that want to wear Western products and be cool on a level that’s cool in the USA and other countries across the world.

Business today for Prada is as you would guess very well and they are now one of the powerhouse fashion designers known throughout the world and have a great reputation across the entire fashion world, even amongst some of the biggest players. Today a lot of Prada focuses on are their runway shows that have introduced the world to some of the biggest names in modeling and even acting, but as Prada’s advertisement campaigns got bigger and bigger over the years, so did the clout they could pull in the people they put in their ads, and that lead to some really cool collaboration.

Another really cool product that is now one of Prada’s hot tickets in terms of their products that are selling like wildfire all over the globe are Prada’s watches. They started their watch production in the year 2007, but then they stopped making watches only five years later in 2012. Now, with a lot of demand and the supply of these watches rather low, Prada has been able to set a premium price on their watches and make a bunch of money.

Of course everyone knows that Prada has gotten a lot of recognition throughout the world and in popular culture, just think of the Meryl Streep movie The Devil Wears Prada. The fact that that movie had the word Prada in the title was huge for the business and it opened it up for even more opportunity and marketing that the company could have never dreamed of achieving, even if they actually made a deal with the devil.
But the point of the matter is that Prada is a staple in the fashion industry and they aren’t going anywhere for quite a long time, and that’s a good thing for anyone who likes and enjoys fashion, because this business changed the game and then revolutionized it to their likings that also coincided with the likeness of the average working person who is just trying to get some nice things with their normal salary, and they did that. They made being fashionable affordable, and that is enough said really for how they changed the fashion world. Through creativity and innovation they made sure that they were going to be different from their competitors and they did so in the greatest most fashionable way throughout the years that they possible could. So thanks for the read! By doing so they rose to the occasion. And they have never looked back, and you can tell by where they are today.

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