Clothing Brand Prada

There have been a lot of great luxury clothing brands that have come around the fashion world throughout the years, and while some of have died out slowly and not done much to change the landscape of how we view clothes and the world in general. But there have been very few companies and fashion designers like Dolce And Cabana, Gucci, Burberry, GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch and other fashionable clothing lines that have made a ton of money for the stores and as great stocks in the stock market which have made a lot of different people around the world a ton of money through mutual sharing and other forms of stock trading.

There’s no doubt about it that we currently live in a Selfie Culture in which people have become more and more absorbed with themselves and their appearances, simply because a lot of people are simply taking pictures of themselves on a daily basis and sharing those pictures directly with all of their friends through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and Vine and a whole bunch of other platforms that people are constantly sharing pictures of themselves to.

Having said that we currently are living within this Selfie Culture it’s never been more important for people to stay fashionable and be up on the latest brands and being ready to take their next selfie wearing great clothes and overall looking good and feeling good about themselves. There are very few luxury clothing brands that haven’t accepted this rising culture for what it is and they have all made a ton of money in the process, and one of these luxury clothing brands that has done the very best out of them all through the emergence of this selfie culture has been the clothing brand Prada, and this article is going to dive deep into the confines and products that Prada offers and how exactly it can benefit those who have been a big part of our new social media, self-indulged, absorption of culture we currently live in.

So what’s so special about Prada anyways? What makes Prada any different than all of the other pretentiously expensive clothing brands that you see all around the luxury style shopping malls and the all the luxury stores that wind up and down Rodeo Drive? At first glance you might just clump Prada in with all of the Gucci and Burberries of the fashion world, but in reality Prada is a very unique clothing line that has a rich history and a great team motto that has gotten them to the pinnacle of the fashion world.

In order to find out more as to just how Prada got to where they are today it’s important to know their history and how they got started from very humble beginnings.