Success Story of Prada

That’s part of what makes the success story of Prada so special not only just for women’s rights but for the evolution of the entire fashion industry, because let’s be honest, once Prada started being run by women almost all of the other fashion lines around the world started hiring more and more women in prominent positions getting the most out of them in a creative sense and that ultimately lead to the general public of women loving Prada’s products.


In 1987 Miuccia got married, and this was definitely a huge deal because that brought another outsider from outside the Prada family line into the business, and so that also made a difference with business decisions and the happiness of Miuccia, even though she was about to have a bunch of kids and have a family essentially displacing her from all the action of the Prada headquarters.


In 1989 Prada launched a ready-to-wear collection that actually became one of their biggest commercial hits in terms of an entire fashion line, and it was best known for things like narrow belts that were obviously really goofy looking but were huge in the strange years of the 80’s, as well as the dropped waistlines that you see a lot in old 80s shows and other really weird throwback videos and photographs.


One thing that started to get in the way of Prada’s business and their entire prestige as a business was their lack of a really recognizable logo as compared to some of their competitors like Louis Vuitton and Gucci, but this in a way helped them be able to brand themselves as being different from their competition. Let’s be honest and say that a lot of people who spend this kind of money on purses and leather bags in general have a ton of money and are most likely really snobby, but with the lack of a really recognizable Prada logo, Prada was actually able to start marketing themselves as the luxury bag brand that was against the status quo and not as snobby as those other brands, and this helped a lot because even snobs don’t want to come across as a snob, so if a certain brand gives that vibe they might avoid it but still want something of the same quality, which is exactly where Prada fit in perfectly in the women’s fashion consumerist trends. Women didn’t want to be snobby and get a really nice Louis Vuitton bag, but getting a Prada bag was just as nice and prestigious without all the glamour and the glitz, but still a lot of glamour and some glitz. If you are wearing Prada then you should use Luxury Car Service in Burbank. There cars are as nice as a Prada Bag.